Ali Jee 2018

Noha KhuwanAli Jee (Australia)
Released Year:2018
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Added DateSep 27, 2017
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Syed Ali Jee Hassan Raza is a Shia Pakistani Noha reciter he was Born on 3rd January. He's son of a famous Noha Khuwan Nadeem Sarwar. He's well known in the Shia community. In 2007 his father decided to include him as well in Noha Khuwani. He was 7 years old when he started his career in Azadari with his elder brother Ali Shanawar. Then in 2011 he recited a single Noha by himself so since then he is reciting 1 or 2 of 13 Nohas every year in his father's album. He is considered The First Urdu Speaking Noha Khuwan to reach 1 million views on Youtube because he recited a Persian Noha Baraye Dil e Duktar in 2012 he got views from all around the world but majority of the views was from Iran because of his unique styles of Persian pronunciation. On his success there is a major support of his father Nadeem Sarwar as a mentor and also a teacher. He mostly recites in Urdu, he has also recited in languages such as Persian.He is very popular among the youth.[citation needed] His collections of Nohas are very popular during the Islamic month of Muharram when his Nohas are listened to and recited by many.